« Determining the Value of a Strong Coaching Culture
Among organizations with a strong coaching culture, 61% are also
classified as high-performing organizations. Among organizations without
a strong coaching culture, only 27% are also classified as high-performing
organizations (Figure 12). In other words, strong coaching cultures are
more than twice as likely to be high-performing organizations.

Furthermore, a strong coaching culture is correlated with most of the
indicators of a high-performing organization including success at largescale
strategic change (Figures 13 and 14).
Organizations with a systemic approach to coaching (i.e., strong
coaching cultures) are more likely to observe better talent and business
outcomes, which can demonstrate the compelling value and impact of
coaching to employees and senior leaders » (*)

“Coaching is a critical
skill for all to develop
in a constantly changing
world. It helps move people
on and helps them create
options for themselves [in a
way] that is often hard to do
on your own.”
—Survey Respondent


(*)source : extrait du rapport ci-dessous publié par icf.org et hci.org. 26 sept 2018

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